2602 LED (Triac) Dimmer Switch - WITHOUT Remote Control

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2602 LED Dimmer,Dimmable LED focus spotlight lighting fixture
custom lighting

led product details

Brand: LEDing the life Material: Aluminum Body Color:White
Item No. 2602 LED Dimmer Input Voltage:
Output rated Power:150W

Recommended using:Work with 25 pcs 9036 The Eye or 10pcs 8335 LYCRA

Installing: Wall Mounted Certification:CE,CB,UL

Product features:
- Surface for all dimming power market.
- 0.2 to 100% brightness.
- Knob stepless dimming + per line remote control dimmer, convenient and practical.
- 512 dimming, adjustable lighting and delicate soft and stable, flicker-free.
- 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% 4 levels of adjustment quick selection.
- 4 DIY scene mode, switch fluorescent indicator and many user-friendly design.
- Shut down the brightness memory function.
- Delay shutdown
- Trimming Potentiometer device, can be manually set to minimum brightness

Remote control:

Button to turn on / off
Delay OFF key 3 minutes off

+ Key increases brightness
- Key to reduce the brightness

100% of the keys to quickly switch the brightness to 100%
75% of the keys to quickly switch the brightness to 75%
50% of the keys to quickly switch the brightness to 50%
25% of the keys to quickly switch the brightness to 25%

A key scene key
2 key scene key
3 key scene key
4 button scene key
Custom key scene brightness:
Click the small day scenario key for 3 seconds, you can adjust the brightness of a corresponding scene button.
Hold the key scene more than 3 seconds, the indicator light long look Remember the current brightness of the keys to the corresponding scene.

installation diagram

Question and Answer

What is our concept of light and pursuit?
Light is not only for illumination but also the channel for people to communicate.
So we will arrange the light position and brightness precisely.

How much light is just right?
Decent brightness with right position can creat right atmosphere and relatively a sense of independent space.
Light should be where light is needed,keep clear and not to interfere other functional area.

What is our core technology?
As a LED lighting innovator and cultivator specialist in LED spotlight,the core technology as below:
Focus control technology and directional adjustable technology.Light can move with the mind.You can DIY
your lighting space according to your mood,will and need.
Accurate light distribution technology make the light scope adjustable according to different objects.
Improve the utilization rate of light,no light is wasted.

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