Why LedingTheLife?

If you're not (yet!) convinced about LED Lighting, then take a look here

If you already understand why LED lighting is an (almost) perfect light source, then we'd like to tell you what makes our LedingTheLight range so special.

We believe totally in the benefits of LED lighting and our many years of experience have enabled our talented design team to focus on leveraging the unique properties of solid state technology to provide the best lighting solutions in the world for our customers.

Built in brilliance

One of the most important properties of LED light is its endurance. LED light just keeps on going, and going - around 50,000 hours or so - so the light source can be built into the lighting appliance. Quite simply, because the LED components will last just as long as the rest of the fitting, there's no need to design the device around 'standard' bulbs so as to facilite its replacement.

Building the light source into light fittings frees our designers to bring their talents to bear on inovation and improvement in the areas that really matter.

Cool, focused, lighting

Solid state lighting doesn't get hot. It's cool to the touch. And thats something our designers have used to great effect on many of our products - with their unique, revolutionary, focus control technology.



"Defining the future of modern LED lighting solutions"