Ordering and Shipping

So as to keep things simple and cost effective, we currently ship all our UK orders direct from Hong Kong. That way we don't have the the expense of maintaining an inventory in the UK, and ship only the products that our UK customers actually want.

We've kept our shipping costs as low as we can so they're calculated individually with each order based on the total weight of all of your items. The total cost will be clearly displayed as part of the checkout process BEFORE you confirm your order.

Its surprisingly quick to get orders from Hong Kong to the UK by air - a matter of two or three days (with most orders arriving 4-7 days after you place your order). But because of potential delays during busy periods or delays due to customs/import processes, we recommend that you factor in an allowance of up to two weeks for your order to arrive. That way, we can only exceed your expectations.

As soon as your order is ready to ship we'll send you a carrier specific tracking number which you can both use to keep tabs on your order, and also to schedule a delivery date/time that you find convenient. 

NOTE: Since we ship directly to your address from overseas, you're responsible for import taxes (usually 20% on all items - excluding shipping costs) on your order. You'll usually be contacted by DHL about payment of this bill immediately PRIOR to delivery. Paying is simple and easy - you can do it quickly online - with the carrier taking care of payment to the relevant authorities. The carrier usually levies a small fee for this service.

In all circumstances we'll confirm your order as soon as its placed and provide detailed tracking information as soon as your order is despatched - We're a lighting company, after all, so we wouldn't want to keep you in the dark!