About Us

Our Mission is to deliver high-quality, money-saving LED lighting solutions by developing great lighting products using the latest technologies so as to reduce the environmental impact of lighting across the world

LEDing the life’s innovative, customer-centric approach in manufacturing solid-state lighting enables us to design and develop best-in-class LED lighting solutions that meet the needs and requirements of the most demanding businesses and organisations. We design and manufacture LED lighting solutions that can easily be retrofitted into existing lighting infrastructure, as well as new construction. With a strong R&D team and our own patented technologies, LEDing the life is able to consistently deliver energy saving, highly efficiency, long lifespan and environment friendly products to our clients.

LEDing the life's founders began in 1998 as engineers, electricians and CEO in the field of LED lighting applications. They have been joined, over the years, by a single minded and passionate staff from a diverse array of backgrounds and experience - but all of whom share the vision and desire to create more innovative and energy-efficient lighting solutions to the the life than the traditional lighting industry has so far been able to offer.

We strive to work with our clients in our joint effort to help them reduce their carbon footprint, and reduce their energy costs. We believe both in our mission and our ability and that we have the vision, concentration, patience and passion to bring about a new world of eco-friendly lighting products to the world - and most important of all, that we are making progress everyday.

LEDingthelife (Hong Kong) Limited was formally established in 2009, but we have over 13 years experience of the application of LED in lighting solutions. Starting with LED flash lights, camping lights and diving lamps, with comparatively simple basic optical and physical technology of LED lighting, to todays most demanding requirements, LEDing the life is a expert in LED lighting solutions for the residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional sectors. We supply LED lighting for home, industry, warehouse, retail, wholesales, corporate, and educational facilities, as well as hotels. We've earned huge respect for our unique focusable LED lighting, and have more than 10 patents in different technologies in LED lighting. With our established R&D and testing LAB facilities and ODM service systems, we offer the most reliable customized service available for any lighting project.