2502 easy wire connector terminals

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easy installing accessories for household lighting

Product parameters

Brand: LEDing the life Material: PA66 Body Color: gray seat with orange pressure bar
Input Voltage: AC100-240V Item No. 2502 easy wire connector terminals Recommended place:household lighting,office lighting
Item No. 8319 Mini David Weight:0.01kg Certification: CE,UL

easy wire connector terminals

function characteristics

technical specifications

connection hole

shell of product

test hole

security authentication marks

methods of wire removal

installation diagram

Easy wire connector terminals manual

Product features
1.Convenient installation
2.Reliable quality and safety
3.PA66 material
4.Permanent heat resistance 105℃,non-corroding,Anti-aging
5,Security:can avoid loose wires, tape aging, wire fire these kinds of dangerous.
6,Convenient: After stripping the wire you can insert it directly, it can be reusable.
7,Reliable:Every contact shrapnel is independent, firmly combination of the different

diameters security connection.
8,Practical: product design has test hole, line detection doesn’t need to remove the tape.

1,The wire connection of all kinds of lamps
2,The wire conversion in connection box and sub-line connection
3, Kitchen appliances, and all kinds of fans and other electrical connections
4, small power fixed electrical equipment connections

What is my unique selling point ?
1.Fast connection, safe and convenient

2.In the installation, changing the circuit, installing lamps in the wire layup we usually use black tape winding or use ordinary connection cap .

3.We did not expect that ,tape and common connection cap is easy to cause bad contact to form a fire safety hazard, in order to effectively prevent this kinds of things,just

4.choose to installing the Fast wire connector.

5.High load, no pressure

6.With the increasing of household appliances, electric power load increases, the safety and fast wire connector terminals can effectively prevent circuit bad contact, avoid large current causes fever and causes unnecessary trouble and loss.

7.Material reliable ,safe and convenient.Thanks to the high quality materials, advanced connection technology,we can eliminate hidden dangers and keep away from fire, provide us with the safest electricity environment; Easy installation, 3 seconds get line connected.

1.Product name: Easy wire connector terminals
2.Rated voltage / current(V/A):400/32
3.Rated impulse voltage(KV):4
4.insulating material:PA66
5.Flammability class V-0 or V-2
6.Contact material: copper alloy
7.Contact point coating: tin
8.Color: gray seat , orange pressure bar
9.Size: length 20mm, Width: 12 mm, Height: 15 mm

More details
1.Connection hole
Using your thumb to move up the orange pressure bar and open the Spring cartridge
Remove 9-11 mm skin of single wire and stranded wire ,and insert them,then through the spring cartridge is ok.

2.Shell of Product
The shell is made of retardant insulation material PA66 imported from Germany.
Material Permanent heat resistance 105℃, long life,non-corroding, anti-aging, high pressure and high temperature resistant.

3.Test hole
Connector on the test holes are easy for a trial installation, testing, detection

4.Security authentication marks
Safe and reliable quality, the use of security, safest, using at ease

5.Methods of Wire removal
Using your thumb to move up the orange pressure bar and then remove the wire

How to use it?
1,Pull up the orange button
2,Insert the wire
3,Press the button

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