9060, 1w LED mini Turnable Pole adjustable beam Display Lighting

  • £20.77

1w LED Pole Light Fixture Display Jewelry Store Showcase Cabinet Spot Lamp Bar standing ceiling light

This light is available only available in SILVER


Length (height) adjustable from 190mm to 320mm


For Shop window lighting experts

This unique light is an integration of our focus control technology and stylish, functional, design. The product can be zoomable from 10°~37°, so a different size of beam cone and brightness can be created by stretching the front part of the light. In that way, many different shapes and sizes of objects can be highlighted perfectly.

Adjustable pole!


Adjustable angle technology .

Pull the head, control the angle from 10-37 degree.

Tunable Length from 190mm to 320 mm

360 degree rotation eyeball technology

Profession design for jewelry lighting



A flexible light beam - suitable for any project

Zoom is the fixture for displays that makes the light flexible according to different needs. With just a simple movement, and thanks to our Twist & Zoom system, you can modify the dimensions of the illuminated area in order to adapt it to suit the object/feature you need to highlight.


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